Cohana Flower Push Pins of Oyster Shell (various colours)
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Cohana Flower Push Pins of Oyster Shell (various colours)



These beautiful Mother-of-Pearl pushpins are cut from oyster shells and combined with delicate gold-plated pins. The pins measure 14mm in length and have a 12mm diameter. The pins come in sets of 5 assorted colours.

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The pins are made from oyster shell by the Japanese manufacturer Kawanishi-cho, Japan’s leading manufacturer in mother-of-pearl buttons. The goldplated pins are created in Hiroshima, a Japanese region known for its speciality, needle production. They are very sharp and well-crafted, so they pass smoothly through any fabric or cork. Each set of 5 comes beautifully packages and is suitable as a gift.

Cohana is a Japanese craft collective. They pride themselves on using locally sourced, high-quality materials to create beautiful tools for crafters and artisans.

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