Cohana Himeji Leather Pouch (Blue)
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Cohana Himeji Leather Pouch (Blue)

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The pouches are created from Himeji leather, a special leather tanned with only natural ingredients. Each pouch comes with a leather drawstring and wooden button to finish. The pouches measures 9cm (3.5in in diameter.

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The Himeji leather pouches are as beautiful as they are elegant. They are made from Himeji white leather. Himeji white leather, also called Shironameshi is tanned with natural ingredients only. No chemicals are used to soften or process the leather. Leather tanned this way gets a beautiful, rustic looking white finish that can be dyed in many colours.

The pouches are created by Yoshikawa Leather, a tannery from Tatsuno. Each pouch comes with a leather drawstring and a wooden button. The bottom of each pouch is fortified, giving it its typical shape.

Cohana is a Japanese craft collective. They pride themselves on using locally sourced, high-quality materials to create beautiful tools for crafters and artisans.

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