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The perfect craft scissors

craft scissorsAre you browsing the web in search for the perfect pair of craft scissors? Well, look no further. We have the finest collection of high-quality crocheting and knitting tools and accessories, designed to meet the demands of even the fiercest knitting ninja or crocheting champion. After all: it’s hard to work your magic if you don’t have good quality supplies. Choose the sharpest tools in the shed from our excellent assortment of craft scissors.

Little snippers

These pretty Cohana Seki mini scissors are the perfect craft scissors for snipping some thread on the go. These scissors come in a pretty package, are adorned with a cute little silk tassel and are travel-sized. However, make no mistake: they may be small but they have razor-sharp blades, as can be expected from any pair of authentic Cohana scissors. All Cohana products are handmade and created using only the best, locally sourced materials. The blades of these mini scissors are protected by a case of fine leather.

Dreamy silver scissors

knitting tools and accessoiresIf Cinderella had a pair of scissors, she would have these gorgeous silver plated embroidery scissors. They’re plated in pure silver and beautifully decorated with an ever so delicate motif on the handles. From our own experience, we can assure you that these pretty scissors are not just nice to look at: they stay sharp after years of intensive use. Looking for the absolute perfect gift for your favourite handicraft enthusiast? Then go for this lovely set of silver plated accessories in a romantic rosewood box, which includes the embroidery scissors. There’s nothing more convenient than having all your knitting tools and accessories in one place!

The cutting queen

For those of you who want to do your cutting with absolute confidence, we recommend the queen of craft scissors. The Japanese Shozaburo scissors are handmade jewels of craftsmanship. They are made by descendants of Shozaburo himself, the original maker of these super smooth scissors. The Shozaburohas are extremely dedicated to produce the best shears possible. The Iga braids wrapped around the handles refer to a past of tradition and honour. These braids were used for Samurai armour since before the Nara period, and are made of a soft silk dyed in traditional Japanese colours. Spoil yourself with this piece of art.

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