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Scheepjes Yarn Winder

79.95 (approx. 88.46 USD)

We like big balls and we cannot lie! The Scheepjes yarn winder will wind up any yarn into a centre-pull cake. It’s easy and intuitive to operate, and is made out of polished, sturdy Beechwood. Simply guide your yarn through the eye, secure it to the wooden centre cone and start turning the wheel. Your hank or skein will be transformed into a centre-pull cake before you know it. The yarn winder comes with a storage box.

*Photo 2 & 3 credits: Borrowed with permission from Kirsten Ballering,

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The yarn winder is also available in different shades of Beech. Have a look at our yarn winders for the other available varieties.

A little assembly is required upon first use. Simply screw the yarn guide on the body of the winder, and place the black drive belt around the turning wheel and ball rotator. Slide your cone on top of the ball rotator, and you’re ready to wind your first skein.

The yarn winder comes with an optional table clamp. We would recommend using this to secure your winder, as you don’t want your yarn winder sliding away while you’re turning the wheel.


Weight 2.00 kg


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