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Knitpro Yarn Winder

109.95 (approx. 127.92 USD)

The Knitpro Yarn Winder will wind up to 450g centre-pull cakes (basically, a lot of yarn!). The winder is easy to operate and beautiful to look at. It’s made from Birchwood which gives it its natural look.

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The Knitpro Yarn Winder is made from natural Birchwood. It’s handcrafted and will wind up to 450g centre-pull cakes at one time. The spool side has anti-friction bearings for a smooth rotation. The table clamp has anti-scratch pads to prevent any damage to your table.


Wind the yarn by running the yarn end through the metal antenna on the backside and attaching it to the wooden spool. Next, simply turn the wheel. The way the spool circles and turns on itself creates centre-pull yarn cakes that are stable and won’t easily cave in on themselves.


If you have a lot of skeins to wind, you might want to have a look at our Yarn Swift too.

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