Cohana Sakura Banshu fabric scissors (Limited edition)
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Cohana Sakura Banshu fabric scissors (Limited edition)


The Banshu fabric scissors are part of the Limited Cohana Sakura Spring 2021 collection. The high quality, sharp blades and lacquered pink and gold handles are not only a joy to cut with, but also look stunning. The scissors come with a protective leather case adorned with a golden tassel.

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Spring is here, and what better way to welcome it than with the Sakura 2021 limited edition collection by Cohana! Created with exceptional craftsmanship, this collection features several handicraft items in stunning shades of pink, in celebration of Sakura, the cherry blossom season. The Mizuhiki decorative knot technique is a key feature of this collection.

With these solid Banshu fabric scissors by Cohana you will be cutting textiles with style! The Banshu region in Japan is known for its high quality forging industry and also the blades of these scissors are forged from the sharpest steel. The handles are lacquered in pink and gold according to the Japanese tradition. Thanks to the smooth lacquer work, the scissors lie very comfortably in the hand and offer even more comfort with time and use. The scissors are supplied with a lovely pink traditional Banshu cloth and a leather case complete with a decorative gold tassel. They are 22cm long and have a cutting length of 9cm.

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