Scheepjes Collectable Mug 2018


Each year, Scheepjes lets an independent designer create a gorgeous collectable mug. This mug is created by the French Aleksandra Sobol and represents mindfulness through crafting with a bordeaux inner colour and handle. The ceramic mugs are hand-printed. Wash by hand.

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Introducing this year’s Limited Edition Collectable mug from Scheepjes. Each year Scheepjes asks a new designer/illustrator to create an image for our collectable mugs. This year Aleksandra Sobol (French illustrator) produced a design that portrays the benefits of mindfulness through crafting. Three hand-drawn ladies are knitting, crocheting, and sewing and painted with a watercolour effect. The heart and the handle of the mug are a rich deep red. As usual, DEEZDUTCH has collaborated with Scheepjes to handprint each and every mug for us. Our collectable mugs make the perfect Sinterklaas/Christmas gift for crafters and anyone you feel needs a little mindfulness in their lives.

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