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Tulip Hiroshima Needles gift set

44.95 (approx. 49.93 USD)

This needle gift set contains several sewing, quilting and applique needles from Tulip. It’s the perfect gift set for a seamstress, quilter or somebody who wants to try out the Tulip Needles. The needles are beautifully packaged in their traditional Tulip cork vials and packs. The set comes in a carton gift box.

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This needle gift set contains:

  • Sewing Needles #9
  • Milliners Needles Assorted Pack #8, 9, & 10
  • Quilting Needles #10
  • Applique Needles #10
  • Embroidery Needles Assorted Pack #7, 8, 9, & 10
  • Patchwork Pins

Typical for the Hiroshima needles is that they are treated with a special high-density abrasive polishing treatment. This makes them very (very!) sharp and gives them a strong and slightly flexible body. The “Made in Hiroshima” label is proof of a high-quality needle that is rooted in Hiroshima’s history and traditional needle-making techniques.

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