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Tulip Hiroshima Momiji Pins

7.95 (approx. 9.42 USD)

These pins bring a little pizazz to your sewing! Each package contains a cork vial with 10 pins, measuring 0.55mm x 48mm (0.02 x 1.8in). The heads are maple-leaf shaped and come in fall colours such as orange, red and yellow. They pins are suitable for light to medium fabrics.

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A little bit of trivia for you: Momiji is the Japanese word (紅葉) for ‘red leaves’ or ‘maple tree’. The pins are produced in the Hiroshima region, hence ‘Hiroshima pins’. Typical for the Hiroshima pins is that they are treated with a special high-density abrasive polishing treatment. This makes them very (very!) sharp and gives them a strong and slightly flexible body. The “Made in Hiroshima” label is proof of a high-quality needle
that is rooted in Hiroshima’s history and traditional needle-making techniques.

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