Cohana Winter sewing set (gold, small)


This Limited Edition Winter Gold sewing set contains a beautiful marking pin, mini scissors, a wooden thread winder with white thread and a magnetic Shigaraki button. The perfect gift for any crafter or seamstress!

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Treat yourself or a loved one to a beautifully designed and specially packaged gift set by Cohana this holiday season! This Limited Edition Winter Gold sewing set contains beautiful, high-quality crafting accessories designed to invite crafters into the world of winter by combining the elegant beauty of snow with the graceful shine of gold. This special set contains:

  • One beautifully designed parquet star marking pin, made from Magnolia, Japanese Judas, and Mizuki trees.
  • A pair of spring-loaded Seki mini scissors, decorated with a handmade tassel and packaged in a small protective leather case. The scissors measure 35mm long and 22mm wide.
  • An individually carved, wooden thread winder with white polyester thread.
  • A magnetic button of Shigaraki Ware that safely holds your needles and pins while crafting, measuring 25mm in diameter and 14mm high.

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