Cohana Kokeshi Doll Pin cushion (green-blue)
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Cohana Kokeshi Doll Pin cushion (green-blue)


This stunning Kokeshi doll pincushion is 9cm tall and 3cm in diameter. It opens up to reveal three quality Meboso needles in the wool-filled pincushion inside, and has a magnet embedded at the bottom to pick up fallen needles easily. This is a beautiful tribute to the Kokeshi dolls of the Edo period!

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This lovely pincushion and needle case is shaped like a traditional Kokeshi Japanese doll, a limbless wooden doll with basic facial features. The first Kokeshi dolls date back to the Edo period (1603-1868). In collaboration with the Tsugari Kokeshi Museum, Cohana created a modern, functional version of this traditional doll. Each doll opens up to reveal a pincushion and 3 Meboso needles. The wool in the pincushion prevents the needles from rapidly rusting. The magnet on the bottom of the doll allows you to pick up fallen needles in a heartbeat. This Kokeshi doll is made from Mizuki wood (cornel) and is hand painted. Each Kokeshi is therefore unique. The doll is 90mm tall and has a diameter of 30mm. The Meboso needles are 36.4mm long and 0.71mm thick. Stylishly packaged in a see-through box (10.8cm height x 4.7cm width x 4.9cm depth). Available in several colours that reflect certain seasons according to the Japanese tradition.

Please note: We recommend to clean the needles and the paintwork with a dry cloth after each use. Always screw the cap onto the doll. The Kokeshi doll is not suitable as a toy.

Cohana is a Japanese craft collective. They pride themselves on using locally sourced, high-quality materials to create beautiful tools for crafters and artisans.

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