Cohana Magnetic Ceramic Spool (Snow Light)
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Cohana Magnetic Ceramic Spool (Snow Light)


This little magnetic spool will help you keep all your pins and needles in one place. The spool measures just under 5cm in height and 3.5cm in diameter, and has a pleasant weight so it won’t topple over easily. The center part has a beautiful white glaze and comes with 20 red and white pins, as part of the 2019 Christmas Collection.

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This little magnetic ceramic spool will help you keep track of your pins and needles. The spool has a typical Cohana-vibe; its simplistic and elegant design was created by Ishimaru Togei, a Japanese artisan pottery with its roots in the region Hasami. The spool has a pleasant weight, and it doesn’t fall over easily. The centre part has a beautiful glaze, which gains its shine from the low temperature on which it has been fired and baked. The little magnet inside means that your pins and needles stay securely in place. It measures 5cm in height.

Cohana is a Japanese craft collective. They pride themselves on using locally sourced, high-quality materials to create beautiful tools for crafters and artisans.

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