Cohana premium giftset (blue)
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Cohana premium giftset (blue)


This giftset is reserved for the very, very special crafter in your life. It contains iconic Cohana items, such as the Cypress Wood pincushion, the Yuzen leather measuring tape, Waxed canvas bag and of course the beautiful Shozaburo thread snips, among others.

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Treat yourself or a loved one to a beautifully designed and specially packaged gift set by Cohana this holiday season! The Premium Sewing Set contains everything a crafter’s heart could possibly desire! With a variety of beautiful, high-quality crafting accessories, this set is perfect for those looking to own a piece of luxury that will last a lifetime. The set is available in 4 colours, and contains the following high-quality items:

  • A waxed canvas tool tote bag with a leather tag and a decorative tassel. It measures 27cm wide, 17cm high including handles (100mm excluding handles), and 10cm deep.
  • A canvas knickknack bag which is made from cotton and is slightly water repellent. The bag has a height of 9cm, and a width and depth of 8cm.
  • A paperweight of Nambu ironware that also functions as a pen holder. The paperweight has a diameter of 60mm and has a height of 23mm.
  • A magnetic spool of Hasami Ware to securely hold your pins and needles, measuring 46mm high with a diameter of 35mm.
  • 3 x glass-head marking pins.
  • A beautiful floral tape measure made from Yuzen leather. This 1.5 metres long tape measure uses the metric scale. It has a diameter of 65mm and a height of 15mm.
  • Pincushion made from Cypress wood and Banshu Textile, measuring 33 x 35mm.
  • A sewing needle set for light to medium weight fabric, packaged in a practical tube with a decorative, sparkling tassle.
  • One pair of high-quality Shozaburo Thread Snips wrapped in silk Iga Braid, supplied with a protective leather case. The scissors measure 14mm thick, 25mm wide, and 108mm long with a blade length of 36mm.

Cohana is a Japanese craft collective. They pride themselves on using locally sourced, high-quality materials to create beautiful tools for crafters and artisans.

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