Cohana Mikawa Momen Tool Case (grey, yellow)
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Cohana Mikawa Momen Tool Case (grey, yellow)


The Mikawa Momen Tool Case is meant to store various tools for crochet, knitting or sewing. The waxed canvas is durable and softens and ages well over time. The tool case measures 10cm x 19.5cm x 2cm when closed, and 38.5cm x 19.5cm x 5cm when opened flat. The tool case closes with a waxed cord with a leather tip,  50cm long.

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The tool case contains pockets and a zipper-closed sachet to keep track of all your haberdashery when crafting on the go. The Mikawa Momen tool case is woven using the traditional ‘Sashiko Ori’ technique, which uses reinforced stitches. The dyed thread is stitched in drawn thread, creating a beautiful, timeless piece of fabric. The canvas is waxed using paraffin, meaning that it is water-repellant. Waxed canvas ages beautifully and softens with use.

Cohana is a Japanese craft collective. They pride themselves on using locally sourced, high-quality materials to create beautiful tools for crafters and artisans.

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