Premium blocking kit
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Premium blocking kit



If you want to block larger items, this blocking set is a must-have. The set contains 18 blocking mats, 100 T-pins, a set of Rainbow blockers and 500ml of Jasmine Wrapture no-rinse wool wash. The set is suitable for crochet and knitted fabric alike.

2 x Knitpro Lace blocking mats (9 pieces)

The Knit Pro blocking mats are essential to block your crocheted or knitted items. The sturdy foam material holds pins without any issue. The blocks are 30 x 30cm (12 x 12in) and interlock, enabling you to puzzle together the best shape for your work. Each blocking set comes in a plastic carry bag and holds 9 mats.  

KnitPro Knitblockers rainbow (20 pieces)

The Rainbow Knitblockers are a treat to work with. Not only do they help you block your crocheted or knitted items fast and with an even tension, but they are also a joy to look at. Each set contains 12 blocks with 8 pins, and 8 blocks with 4 pins each.

2 x Knitpro T-pins (set of 50)

T-pins are head pins with a T-shaped head, thereby making it easier to place and rearrange these pins when blocking your knitted or crocheted items. The pins are made from stainless steel, which means that they won't stain your fabric when you wet-block it. Available as a set of 50.

Eucalan Wrapture No-rinse wool wash 500ml (Jasmine)

Eucalan is a no-rinse laundry detergent with Lanolin. Lanolin is a natural fat found in sheep wool. During the production of fibres, most of the lanolin is stripped away. By adding Eucalan to your wash, you replenish your fibres with the lanolin they need to be soft and supple. We recommend using Eucalan when (hand)washing your handmade items. You've knitted or crocheted them with care, so it only makes sense to launder them with care too! 500 ml Eucalan is enough for approx. 100 handwashes. Scroll below for the full ingredient list.
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This set contains all the products you’ll need when blocking. It’s geared particularly towards bigger projects such as blankets. The two sets of blocking mats allow you to block larger pieces, as you will have 18 pieces of 30 x 30cm (12in) at your disposal. The Rainbow blockers will help you to block larger sections of your project more easily, as they replace a lot of the individual T-pins at once (plus, they are in rainbow colours!). When you soak your item with the Wrapture no-rinse wool wash, your item will not only look the part after blocking but also smell wonderful.

You can find an extensive tutorial on blocking here.


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