KnitPro Knitblockers rainbow (20 pieces)
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KnitPro Knitblockers rainbow (20 pieces)


The Rainbow Knitblockers are a treat to work with. Not only do they help you block your crocheted or knitted items fast and with an even tension, but they are also a joy to look at. Each set contains 12 blocks with 8 pins, and 8 blocks with 4 pins each.

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KnitPro Knit Blockers are the next innovation in blocking tools! Simply position the equivalent of 4 or 8 pins with one single Knit Blocker, greatly reducing the time required for blocking, whilst accelerating the process of stretching, shaping or stabilising knitted or crocheted projects! Both a time-saver and ensuring the even distribution of pins across your work. It’s also possible to attach a string through the Knit Blockers to maintain a consistent tension. Each KnitPro Knit Blocker is made of a tough plastic with embedded sharp stainless-steel pins. Each set contains 12 x 8-wire and 8 x 4-wire Knit Blockers

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