Grand-Chan crochet learning set for kids (12mm)
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Grand-Chan crochet learning set for kids (12mm)


The Grand-Chan crochet hook is made to help children learn crochet. The hooks have the benefits of the regular Tulip Etimo crochet hooks (ergonomic grip, smooth hook) but come in a larger size and are definitely cuter! This set contains a Grand-Chan hook, yarn needles, and a yarn guide that helps you to keep gauge. It also doubles as a holder for all items!

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Learning crochet has never been more fun and easy with the Tulip Etimo Kids Grand-chan set! The set includes a cheerful, pastel-coloured crochet hook that has a friendly face and a fun bow on the hook to spark a child’s creativity and interest. The smiley face also helps to teach and show children in a fun and engaging way which direction the crochet hook should be facing whilst creating stitches. The set also includes 3 yarn needles in sizes S, M and L, as well as one ball holding 20 metres of yarn. To help children with keeping the right tension, this set also includes a cheerful Grand-chan Helper with a handy suction cup to secure it to the table! Suitable for children over the age of 6.

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