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Furls Odyssey Gold Pink Crochet Hook

129.95 (approx. 145.71 USD)

The pink polished body of the Furls Odyssey Gold Pink Crochet Hook is ergonomically shaped to fit into your hand perfectly, preventing fatigue. The 14k gold coated shaft and head of the hook helps to prevent friction and are lightweight. These hooks are absolutely top of the line.

Please note: Furls also created the Purple Odyssey line, a similar type of hook which has nickel plated shafts instead of 14k gold, available for a reduced price.

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Furls Crochet Odyssey Hooks are the absolute best when it comes to thoughtful design. The tear-shaped body of the hook is ergonomic and fits perfectly in the joint of your hand, preventing muscle fatigue and uneven tension when crocheting. The shaft and head of the hook are made out of pewter with a 14k gold coating. This does not only look phenomenal, but it also prevents friction. The tip is slightly tapered, making it easy to get into stitches without splitting the yarn.

Furls Odyssey Gold Pink Crochet Hooks are available from sizes 2.25-6.0mm. We order these hooks in especially for you, thus it takes 1-2 extra days for your parcel to dispatch.

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