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Crochet Hooks Conversion Chart

Crochet Hook Conversion Chart

Do you sometimes get confused by all the different sizes of crochet hooks that seem to be out there? Us too! American sizes, Japanese sizes, Metric sizes, letters, symbols, it seems like every country invented its own system. That’s why we put together this conversion chart, so you know you have the right size for the job.


You’ll notice that some of the cells are blank. That is because not all countries work with all types of hooks. For example, a 3.0mm crochet hook is almost never used in the USA. Likewise, a 3.25mm hook is something you won’t find in many shops in Europe. This is often not a problem, because the difference between a 3.00mm and 3.25mm hook is very small (0.25mm to be exact), and you are more likely to get a different result just by your personal gauge compared to the designer’s, than by using a slightly different hook. If you’re still not convinced, we’ve got a lot of crochet hooks in stock, so you can always find the size you need!


 Crochet Hook Conversion chart
Metric sizes US sizes Canadian/UK hook sizes Japanese sizes
2.00 mm 4 14 2/0
2.25 mm B/1 13 3/0
2.50 mm 4/0
2.75 mm C/2 12
3.0 mm 11 5/0
3.25 mm D/3 10
3.50 mm E/4 9 6/0
3.75 mm F/5
4.00 mm G/6 8 7/0
4.50 mm 7 7 7.5/0
5.00 mm H/8 6 8/0
5.50 mm I/9 5
6.00 mm J/10 4 10/0
6.50 mm K/10.5 3 7
7.00 mm 2
7.50 mm 1
8.00 mm L/11 0 8
9.00 mm M/13 00 9
10.00 mm N/15 000 10
12.00 mm P/16
15.00 mm P/Q
16.00 mm Q
19.00 mm S