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CohanaIf you’re looking for visually stunning, high-quality, handmade handicraft tools, the Japanese brand Cohana is where to turn to. When carefully constructing these precious tools, Cohana uses only the best regionally sourced materials to create products that are timeless, exquisite, and guaranteed a long life. From the famous Cohana scissors to elegant pin cushions made of cypress wood and banshu textile, when purchasing a Cohana product you know you’ll enjoy a tool made with age-old craftmanship.


The brand name ‘Cohana’ is derived from the goddess Konohanasakuya-hime. In Japanese mythology she is a symbol of prosperity, often depicted with a Japanese cherry tree, the Sakura, and said to be as beautiful as this famous tree. She is the daughter of the mountain god Ohoyamatsumi, and worshipped as a goddess of Mount Fuji. Because she symbolizes these two symbols of Japan, the cherry blossom and Fuji, she is often considered an avatar of Japanese life.

Japanese colours

Cohana scissors

Cohana uses traditional Japanese colours for its products. These colours are the bright yellow of daffodils, the red of roses, the blue of Asiatic dayflowers, the blueish grey of the sky, and a greenish blue. Most products, such as Cohana (mini) scissors, magnetic buttons, marking pins, pincushions, leather pouches, spools and measuring tapes, are available in all these colours. Combining different shades of Cohana tools make a for a bright, joyful collection.

Shozaburo scissors

The star-piece of our Cohana collection are the Shozaburo scissors. Its story is magical. These world-famous Cohana scissors are made with extreme devotion by skilled artisans –descendants of the original maker, Shozaburo himself – for whom quality is everything. Therefore, the blades are smooth and razor-sharp. The handles are wrapped in Iga braids, a type of soft silk used for Samurai weapons since before the Nara period. The braids are dyed in traditional Japanese colours and adorned with a little button and a tassel. Your Shozaburo scissors will arrive in a beautiful package, with the blades protected by a genuine leather case.

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